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29830 - Becky Percussion lock *** OUT OF STOCK *** - Locks

29830 - Becky Percussion lock *** OUT OF STOCK ***

This is the percussion version of the Becky by Pete Allan and assembled by Allan Foundry. The same dimensions as the Becky flintlock allow it to fit the same lock mortise. Lockplate is cut for 7/16” drum. Lock plate measures 4-1/4” x 13/16.” *** OUT OF STOCK ***

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29947 - Hawken Pistol Percussion Lock by Pete Allan * OUT OF STOCK * - Locks

29947 - Hawken Pistol Percussion Lock by Pete Allan * OUT OF STOCK *

*** OUT OF STOCK *** This petite percussion lock was designed by Pete Allan for a 15/16” barrel and fits the hooked breech #24280 with short tang or with some minor filing modification will fit the more accurate long tang #31380 hooked breech plug set. The long tang allows your bottom tang screw to pass entirely through the handle and tighten the lower end of the trigger plate into position. The top tang screw passes through in the normal fashion and engages the trigger plate just ahead of the guard. An accurate triggerguard has a forward threaded post which screws into the trigger plate ahead of the trigger, and is attached by screw from the backside of the trigger plate at the rear. When properly assembled a true Hawken pistol was an extremely heavy duty weapon. Lock measures 4-3/8” x 7/8”long.

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