Fusil de Chasse - French Tulle


The  American  Kentucky  rifle  was  directly  influenced  by  this  German  made, short barreled, heavy stocked rifle with high cheek. All were carved in high This rifle was introduced by the French during the fur trade era in the 1670’s. It was not originally intended to be a rifle for trade to the Indians. It was available then to two classes of people. The working class or “D” model, or highly engraved “C” for the upper class or officers. The plain D is shown opposite in “aged” walnut. This was the French fur traders rifle, the Voyageur. But it was soon clear that this high quality French longrifle would be the weapon the Indians would want because of its barrel length and increased accuracy. The pressure the Colonists felt to develop the imported short German Jaeger into a longrifle was immense. This stock is the large and heavy style of the fur trade era French Fusil de Chasse, also known as the Tulle. It features the extended wrist down low into the buttstock as it was on the originals with more drop than the common trade gun. It comes with a round barrel groove for both round and octagon to round barrels. This pre-shaped stock comes standard with straight round barrel groove and rod channel with drilled ramrod hole; and is not inlet for lock, triggers or cut for buttplate. Although it is shown in right hand only it has no cheek and an industrious builder could make a lefty. Inletting options below for lock, triggers and octagon to round barrel. Specify barrel and rod size when ordering. For barrels 44” long an extra charge for longer stock, inletting set-up and oversize shipping will apply.





34040      P++ Grade Curly Maple
      SP Grade Curly Maple
34042     SP+ Grade Curly Maple
34043     Cherry
30820      Inlet Lock
30830      Inlet Trigger
15975      Inlet Oct-Rnd Barrel


22260  Buttplate (Brass)
22270  Triggerguard (Brass)
21270  French Thimble (Brass)
22010  Sideplate (Brass)
32320  Silver Front Sight (Sterl Silv)
22150  Wrist Inlay, top (Sterl Silv)
Straight Octagon barrels…...........5/8" or 3/4 ”
Drilled ramrod hole ...........….......3/8”
Barrel Channel Length …………...…........42”
Butt width x height……...…... .2-1/8” x 5-1/4”
Lock area ………….….......1-3/8” x 7 ”
Width across the lock face …............1-3/4”
Drop at the heel ………………........3-1/2”










29939      Davis French Fusil Flintlock
08835       French Trigger
28840      French Trigger Bar
21180      1/4”-28 S.S. Touch Hole Liner – Slot Head
19630      2 ea, Oval Head 8-32 Lock Screws
16450      1 ea, Tang Screw 8-32
27600      1 e a, Underlugs for Pins
27630      2 ea, Underlugs for Pins
16380      1 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #3 Wood Screws
16390      1 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #5 Wood Screws
16400      1 Pkg of 10 Oval Head #8 Wood Screws
24630      1 Pkg of 6 Pieces Pin Stock 1/16”o.d.
16795      3/8 " Ram Rod w/ 8-32 Brass Tip