1803 Harper's Ferry Rifle

The 1803 Harper's Ferry rifle kit

Lewis and Clark carried Harper's Ferry style rifles on their journey to the Pacific Ocean and back. Two original guns have surfaced that are probably authentic to Lewis and Clark's journey, though the Lewis and Clark gun were likely prototypes. Although our kit is intended to recreate the stock, 1803 Harper's Ferry style rifle, it might serve as a starting point to recreate the modified version that Lewis and Clark carried on their Pacific journey.

The stock is fully inlet for most of the hardware so there is not much room to make modifications or changes in hardware.

Order both #1803HFKIT
and 1803HFKITA
to get the whole kit as listed.

Standard items listed in this kit
ST-HF1803 Stock (Walnut only)
BLOR54HF33 .54 cal. rifled
RR-HF 1/4" steel ramrod with flaired tip
16617 Under rib
Thim-HF Cast thimble set
RS-1803 Rear Sight
35032 Front sight
27666 Under lug
29740 Wedge key
Custom Brass strip for forearm support on later production models
29936 Harpers Ferry Lock
SP-HF-B Harpers Ferry Sideplate
16440 (2) Lock Bolts 10-32 threads
16480 Tang Bolt 10-32 threads
BP-339-B Buttplate
TG-340-B Trigger Guard
36507 Trigger Plate
28840 Trigger
PB-HF1803 Patchbox
10160 Patchbox Release kit
16400 Wood Screws for Buttplate
16390 Wood Screws for Patchbox
PINSTOCK Pin stock
DG4-1803HF Plan

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