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19135 - Graver handle mushroom shaped - ENGRAVING

19135 - Graver handle mushroom shaped

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19136 - Graver handle long pear shaped - ENGRAVING

19136 - Graver handle long pear shaped

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19140 - Round Point Graver, Swiss made  - ENGRAVING

19140 - Round Point Graver, Swiss made

#53. Since Iím learning more all the time in my engraving, it is now among three of the most common that I use. It cuts a round bottomed very fine groove that does not chip and break as often as the onglette and square gravers. Part of the learning process is learning how to sharpen not only the correct double angles but the hold of the graver to stop chipping off the point.

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19150 - Onglette Graver, Swiss made  - ENGRAVING

19150 - Onglette Graver, Swiss made

I use this #2 graver a lot! This is my favorite for engraving script and comes to a fine sharp point. A contoured fat waist produces the same shape cut when you swing around a curve. This graver naturally broadens the curves as you turn and this fat cut shines like new money! It looks great for adding body and depth to line engraving.

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19160 - Bent Line Graver, Swiss made  - ENGRAVING

19160 - Bent Line Graver, Swiss made

A bent style line graver cuts multiple fine lines for shading and background effect. #18-6. Swiss quality in a normally expensive style of graver. This is an excellent value for a Swiss-made shader.

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20055 - Square Graver, Swiss made  - ENGRAVING

20055 - Square Graver, Swiss made

Square gravers were the most common graver used by original masters. They way they sharpened this graver, the sharpness of the angle, determined what line they ended up with. To reproduce original line engraving, this #6 graver is the one.

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23330 - graver chasing hammer  - ENGRAVING

23330 - graver chasing hammer

This hammer has a large flat face for striking chasing gravers or to planish metal. The opposing end is a ball peen style for peening or riveting. It has a forged, hardened steel 4 oz. head fitted to a hardwood pistol grip handle. A very good hammer for the price.

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28000-Engraving & Layout White - ENGRAVING

28000-Engraving & Layout White

A product in liquid form which aids an engraver with seeing his work on a white base. This product is simple to apply and easy to use. Simply paint on and let dry. When dry, use a soft lead pencil to draw your design on the white base. Engrave your drawn line then clean with any ammonia base cleaner like Windex or similar product.

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28005 - Magnifier  - ENGRAVING

28005 - Magnifier

An inexpensive magnifier with two lenses. Loop flips down for that extra close exam! Adjustable headband.

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CHINAWHITE - Engravers white - ENGRAVING

CHINAWHITE - Engravers white

.2 ounce cake of dry engravers' white. To use this product, put a little saliva on your finger, smear it around on the cake until you have a small amount of paste on your fingertip. Smear the paste onto the piece to be engraved. It will dry very rapidly. Draw your design with a soft lead pencil. Product can be removed with a damp cloth. This small cake will last for years.

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GRAVER-2 Cobalt sq graver handle  - ENGRAVING

GRAVER-2 Cobalt sq graver handle

This cobalt graver will stay sharp longer and allow you to cut harder metals than most gravers. It comes mounted in the handle for a better value. Tool bit is 3/8" square.

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